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Chapter 6 Nutrition and Fitness.

Chapter 7 Circuit Training and Exercise Drills. Chapter 8 Obstacle Courses and Additional Drills. Chapter 9 Competitive Fitness Activities. Chapter 10 Developing the Unit Program.

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Chapter 12 Environmental Considerations. Chapter 14 Army Physical Fitness Test. Hey, thanks for making this resource available.

NEW Training Circular Tc 3-22.20 (FM 21-20) Army Physical Readiness Training

I personally like having access to FM I did want to let you know that TC I think this happened in October or November. I honestly have no idea why it was done. Thanks again for doing this. Your assistance is highly appreciated.

PRT: The Army's new road map for physical readiness | Article | The United States Army

The CMD team will make a determination on which way to proceed. A minimum of 4 months will separate record tests. Soldiers that require make-up testing or re-testing for an APFT failure are exempt from the 4-month rule. Mission requirements often prevent the even spacing of record tests. Therefore, commanders are encouraged to test Soldiers for record as close to the record test window as possible. From the total sample of this research as shown in Figure 1, The whole process, step by step, was monitored through official correspondence amongst the HAGS, the Hellenic Military Academy and the researcher, to facilitate and smoothly implement the research plan.

The questionnaires were sent from the Hellenic Military Academy, the higher military educational institution in Greece, to the Military Major Formations by military post.

The Sample

A random sampling was conducted by anonymous and voluntary completion of the survey questionnaires which were received by the participants in sealed envelopes and which included a cover letter giving respondents all the instructions as to how to fill out the questionnaire. Each of the above main questions included five sub questions concerning the different troop personnel 5 Regular Army Grades ordered to perform the duty of the MTFL, as mentioned before.

There were 15 researchable variables in total. Means M and standard deviations SD for the total of the above fifteen 15 researchable questions variables were calculated. Table 1. Table 2.

Table 3. Subsequently, it is essential to take into consideration the opinions of Junior Officers, because they are the platoon leaders, the main subordinates of leadership and training following the Senior Officers in army professional experience. However, they graded themselves as the second best contributors and that they were applied more frequently to the APRT programs among the other types of MFTLs.

These findings might have come about from the professional skills army leadership and fitness specialty of each of these two types of MFTLs. These processes provide the necessary leadership skills, which address the importance of army fitness leadership as it applies to the APRT.

However it is no longer in operation. Consequently, it would be in the best interest of the Hellenic Military Academy to develop an educational program for intermediate Officer and Senior Officer trainees including theory and practical skills focussed on MFT Leadership of APRT based on the military environment, the basic military skills and the army leadership and command The availability of advanced studies in MFT Leadership that leads to a postgraduate degree i.

In the Hellenic Army, all the army personnel are required to take part in the APRT programs as trainees while in their training cycle of army specialisation, as well as in active duty and recruitment up to their retirement. Thus the leadership of the APRT programs is given to several Regular Army Grades Officers or Non Commissioned Officers within the troops considered to be more experienced in monitoring, managing and implementing these programs.

Much more than documents.

These independent competency assessments among the different army groups and their uncorrelated results, reinforced by similar research, give the impression that the experience in performing APRT programs and the specialisation in the army training and doctrine are the main criteria of the MFTL competency in the Hellenic Army. This fact indicates that this duty selection is not clearly oriented and determined as in other armed forces in other countries where the MFTL meets strict professional standards.

Submit your article Download a PDF of this article. Acknowledgements The author would like to acknowledge the contribution of the Hellenic Ministry of National Defense, the Hellenic Army General Staff and the Hellenic Military Academy for providing the necessary permissions required to conduct this research.

The author would like to also thank the Department of Sports Management of the University of Peloponnese for their review and valuable comments. The views expressed in this manuscript are those of the author and do not reflect the official policy or position of the Army Department, Education and Training Directorate, or the Greek Government. References Pollack K Arabs at war: Military effectiveness, ISBN Air Force Material Command [Internet]. Air Force.

Department Of the Army

Athens GR : Hellenic Army press; Headquarters Department of the S. FM Army Physical Readiness Training. Washington DC : Army pubs; Land Force Army Fitness Manual. Canadian forces; Physical Fitness. Mil Med ; 1 Army Physical Fitness School. TC Exley Organizational Effectiveness and Efficiency.

PRT: The Army's new road map for physical readiness

USA: Department of the army; Komotini, GR. Democritus University of Thrace; Kontodimaki V, Mountakis C, Dimitriou Development of a questionnaire to investigate the management of physical education in the Greek Army. Kontodimaki The educational organization and management of the physical education in Greek Army.

An approach concerning the parameters of the educational organization on the army physical training and fitness and their objectives. University of Peloponnese; Brinsfield J W, Baktis P The human, spiritual, and ethical dimensions of leadership in preparation for combat. The future of the Army profession. British Army [Internet]. Recruiting [cited ].

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