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My account Terms and conditions Legal Notice. The Umayyads used it prominently and used to enclose it in an alfiz to accentuate the effect of its shape. The Mozarabs also adopted this style of arch into their architecture and illuminated manuscripts. Horseshoe arches were also used in the Great Mosque of Kairouan the earliest surviving part being the mihrab of , the Mosque of Ibn Tulun in Cairo completed , [7] and in a slightly pointed form, in the Mosque of Muhammad ibn Khairun , Tunisia.

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In addition to their use across the Islamic world, horseshoe arches became popular in Western countries at the time of the Moorish Revival. They were widely used in Moorish revival synagogues. Horseshoe arches first appeared in Indo-Islamic architecture in in the Alai Darwaza gatehouse at the Qutb Complex in Delhi , though they were not a consistent feature in India. They are used in some forms of Indo-Saracenic Revival architecture , a 19th-century style associated with the British Raj. Horseshoe arches inside the Mosque of Uqba , in Kairouan , Tunisia.

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