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It might not be an ex, but it does have the same aggressive approach coupled with an insincere amount of politeness that we saw the hog portray earlier. After chasing the protagonist to the point that he thinks his lungs will burst, the creature simply taps him on the shoulder to ask if something is wrong.

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The nerve! The wife is so mean that when she gets annoyed by her husband, she cuts his head off and buries him out back. So where does this extraterrestrial tale take us? Out of this world? Absolutely not. No, not the fruit.

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That thing that people do to babies to make them giggle. It posits that if you stand on a grave after dark, the person buried below it will grab you and pull you under. Either way, it seems inconvenient to meet this fate. It also seems unlikely, which is why the girl in this story takes the dollar bet to stand on a grave. This taps into the fear of fear itself, sure, but it also points out how stupidity can cost you your life.

As a man walks down a dirt road, he comes across his mirror image. They make eye contact and are instantly terrified by one another. This is seemingly their eternity. Spooky, huh? In this tale, two men are faced with a skeleton decked out in black pants, a white shirt, and black suspenders. The men and the skeleton play a little cat-and-mouse game, the skeleton following the men as they run away, only to become bored and eventually leave them alone. Years later, however, one of the men becomes sick, and as he deteriorates, he looks more and more like the skeleton.

Others are not so sure. It literally advises that one stay on the lookout for a penknife-wielding killer, unless you want to die as blood runs down your back. Well, abandoned except for a bunch of of cats that keep insisting the man stick around until Martin comes. Want to avoid a gruesome death? Keep your promises. After a stint with the meat cleaver, Bill hangs up his chainmail to hunt white wolves, which are overpopulating the region. Does he keep that promise, or does he try to bait a remaining wolf with a lamb only to be torn to pieces by the predator?

So how does this set of alligators rank?

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In this story, a woman is convinced her husband is trying to turn himself and their two sons into alligators. Sure enough, her entire family vanishes while three never-before-seen alligators are spotted at a local watering hole. Soup is delicious. This soup, in particular, sounds most appetizing.

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The catch? The soupbone most certainly belongs to a corpse as it was found in a cemetery. More like succulent. You remember Vector, right? The company that convinced you and all your down-and-out friends to sell kitchen knives during college as part of a pyramid scheme?

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In this story, we see a man so hopeless that he resorts to cold-calling anywhere he can, even a warehouse parking lot after hours. Two for five. More annoying than scary, this one sits comfortably on the chiller, not chilling end of the list. Here, as a ghostly drum beats faster and faster, a man watches his brother die in front of him but is unable to prove that what he heard and what he saw was real. The terror comes from time — or, rather, the lack of it. Specifically, he wants her wedding ring and its smaller but stunning ruby companion.

When he pries open her casket, though, her body has already started to bloat and the rings are stuck on her swollen fingers. Dude is determined, so he cuts her fingers off. But to his surprise, her fingers start to bleed and she begins to stir. Scared, he trips over a bunch of his own shit and falls directly onto his own knife. Daisy, unaffected, collects her belongings and walks home while the grave robber bleeds to death.

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Serves him right. Not at all. That semi-charming song you used to sing at the top of your lungs as a kid has been replaced with a dorm-room nightmare. But when she pulls the covers off, Jane she discovers her head has been cut off. Good, a Jeep bro is going to have his parade rained on.

Passing by a cabin that he knows is haunted, he drives further to a church to seek refuge. He quickly parks his gas guzzler and runs for cover. Sure enough, the church is dry as a bone, so the man feels his way to a pew where he can stretch out and wait out the storm.

But then lightning crashes, illuminating the church to reveal it is full of ghouls waiting for their graves to dry out. At this point, it seems literally anything could happen.

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Maybe the ghouls mercilessly tear Jeep guy apart limb by limb while mocking his chosen mode of transportation. All it takes is one sheep noise and the story takes a turn for the worst. While Liz is doing homework, she swears she hears someone in the house. Sarah, you can use ketchup for this. Are the numerous eyes that cut through the dark and seem to peer into your soul simply a collection of pets watching you sleep, or are they a family of extraterrestrials plotting your dissection?

Hit the light, if you can manage to find the courage to expose the truth. Why does Bill blame this woman for the death of his livelihood? Because earlier in the story he ran over her cat and killed it.

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Not once have I ever seen anything to frighten me. Why should it be different at night? And then no one can find Tom for weeks. As with the majority of stories that involve a mystic, her word goes unheeded. In this particular take, John Nicholas visits the fortune-teller and is told his beloved horse, Bess, will be the death of him.

Only slightly worried, he mostly laughs it off and completely forgets about it once he retires the horse and sells it to a family for their kids to ride. Eventually, Bess dies. Remembering his fortune, he chuckles and decides he would like to see Bess one last time to say good-bye. It is instead very predictably about a ghost that will not shut up about its bloody fingers. As one of the joke stories, its ending is abysmal and involves a guitar guy you know, like the one from college telling the ghost to chill and grab a Band-Aid. Red flag!